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 The action principle of äijänkäppyrä is to produce and implement different ways to have fun in nature. Whether you seek action for a family or a party, equipment for loan or just a third party consultancy, please contact us. You have an unlimited number of program services called "jigsaw puzzle pieces". Of course, there are all standard games and plays of the field, but also a growing number of new, more and less taylored activities. I act as an independent designer, developer and supplier or subconstractor of larger entities. I have networked with other entrepreneurs in the region and together we can make all sizes of events. You can subscribe to Äijänkäppyrä-activities for example at Kapeenkoski, Villa Luotola or Hiekkaharju.

There is no too small or too large an event.




Vocational education: technician, nature&game guide 2012, tourism security training 2012, nature dining organizer 2012, Evira hygiene passport, first aid 1+2 2017, rental boat captain 2016, water rescue 2016.

fishing guide 2017





   Puzzle pieces:


  • Shooting activities: paintball, archery, airguns, airsoft, nerf...

  • Throwing axes, knives..

  • Canoe

  • Inflatable kayak, canoe, dinghy, sup.

  • Basket-climbing 

  • Slackline

  • Popup-frisbeegolf

  • Mini bmx

  • Snowshoes

  • ATV

  • Games and play for groups of all ages...

  • Fishing guide services and gear, lake or river  

  • Open fire gourmet 






Let´s get together with the puzzle pieces and build...




a puzzle taylored in your favourite location...



and there we have it, an action loaded event of nature fun!


What will it cost?

I will start my circus for 250€. Real costs of consumables will be added

(+ 10€. / player in paintball games)

For fishing activities regional license fees will be added, + 160€ for the boat when needed.


© Elina Ilottu, kuva-artesaaniopiskelija



Suolahti, Suomi/Finland

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